New Avenues: Rolf Brulhart and the future of the Vancouver Swiss Choir
Rolf Brulhart, Vice President of the Vancouver Swiss Choir, is animated as he discusses Swiss culture and his choir. 
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East Beats: the prominence of DJ Roment in Vancouver’s Eastern European club scene
Roman Radomsky, known professionally as DJ Roment, sits juggling his cell phone and a pack of smokes with an ultra-cool manner that could only belong to a leader in Vancouver’s club circuit. 
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Transplanting talents: what Canada means for the work of Natalia Iakovleva and Eugene Grabovy.
Seventeen-year-old Natalia Iakovleva and her eighteen-year-old boyfriend, Eugene Grabovy, are examples of what every European parent would want in bringing their child to North America:
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BC Romanians night and day on question of Romania’s economic revival
BC Romanian opinions fall on either side of a description in Romanian news detailing Romania’s current economic upturn.
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Nordic Lords: BC Danes think Hans Island should foster Canada-Denmark cooperation, not conflict
Even BC Danes loyal to their homeland think the Hans Island ownership issue is overblown, and needs to be resolved peacefully, and for the mutual benefit of both Denmark and Canada.
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