The Messerscmitt ME 262
The ME 262 entered aerial combat in the dying months of WW II when Allied bomber formations were operating at will in the air space over Germany.
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The Wonderfulness of Modern Technology
Adds in the media often boast of the latest technology contained in the advertised product. Merchants try to lure us into the purchase of a gadget or other paraphernalia by claiming it to be the most recent brainchild of industry’s inventive mind.
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Electromagnetic Compatibility
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is not a household word, even in this era of pervasive use of technological jargon. EMC relates to a discipline or a branch of scientific investigation that clearly falls under the category of specialty engineering.
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It was not a waste of Time
Daniel Webster defines time as a period or an interval between two events during which something exists, happens or acts. These events may be measurable in centuries, days or microseconds, provided one has the appropriate tool to conduct the measurement. 
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Planet issue embroils scientists
Sharp divisions in opinion among some of the world's top astronomers about how to define a planet could scuttle more than a week's worth of debate and proposals on how to settle an issue that has divided the field for years.
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A forgotten genius remembered
In 1975, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) created the “Tesla Award” for out standing contributions in the field of electrical power generation and transmission. At the Boeing Co. that resulted in the use of a new unit for magnetic flux density or...
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The digital age
For our science column I shall address a subject concerning the rapid growth of the electronic industry over the past few decades. And it seems that this growth is picking up speed in a nonlinear fashion as we go along. The revolutionizing effect that had a tremendous impact on all facets of the industry was the invention of...
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