Nobel Prize Winner and Turkish Author Orhan Pamuk Reads in Seattle
On October 15 Seattle’s Arts and Lectures Anniversary season at Benaroya Hall hosted Orhan Pamuk to read from several of his literary works.
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Home Schooling vs Conventional Schooling
Home schooling is a practice that is both familiar and mostly accepted in the United States. But how about in other parts of the world? In Germany, for instance the practice has been met with opposition.
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Historical Oddities & Ends
Did you know that the highly acclaimed Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School that was founded in Paris, France in 1895 takes its name from a 16th Century Order of the Knights of the Holy Spirit and the blue ribbon on the medal that identified their loyal and often royal well-fed members?
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The Hungarian Revolution: Fifty years later
A commemorative event held at the UW
October 23, 2006, marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Hungarian uprising against Soviet occupiers.
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Deutsche Wörter haben sich in fast allen Sprachen der Welt eingebürgert.
Die Schweden entwickeln „Fingerspitzengefühl“, Russen geraten in „Zeitnot“ und Nigerianer fragen sich „Is das so?“. Solchen Wörterwanderungen...

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What is culture?
This is the first question Professor Viktoria Harms asked the students in her Contemporary German Culture class at the University of Washington.
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Learning as an experience
There are not a lot of schools out there that describe learning as a journey, let alone an exciting journey. And I dare to say that there are not a lot of students that would portray learning that way, either.
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Waldorf Schools - Pro or Con?
Waldorf Schools are a unique educational institution, founded by Austrian-born Rudolf Steiner in Germany in 1913. Fifteen years later the first American Waldorf School opened its doors in New York.
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The old and new world can learn from each other
In February 2004, Seattle Pacific University opened its doors for the 21st Annual European Studies Symposium.
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